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How To Get Your Kids Physically Active: Outdoor Games!

It can be tough to get your kids to go outside and play. They have video games, television, and the Internet to keep them inside. However, playing outside is important because it provides exercise. It is unhealthy for your children to lead a sedentary life. Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes is rising among young children. This is related to diet and lifestyle.

If you want your kids to go outside and play, you are going to have to offer them enticing outdoor games. They will have to want to put down the video games and turn of the Internet.

Here are some really awesome ideas:

Outdoor Basketball Hoop

You can set this up in your backyard or driveway. There are two types. The first is freestanding. The base is either solid or hollow. If it's hollow, you can fill it up with sand or water. The base supports a pole that has the basketball hoop. You can wheel these around the driveway.

If you prefer a stationary hoop, you will need a surface to attach it to. Many people attach them to their garages; however, you could also attach it to a tree. Consult a company like Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory to find out more about these types of basketball hoops.

A Trampoline

A trampoline is a great way to get your kids exercising. It's super fun, but it's also good exercise. When you bounce around on a trampoline you are getting a cardiovascular workout. You're also working out the muscles in your legs.

There are two main types of trampolines. The first one is an open style. These can be risky if your kids decide to do big jumps and flips. The second type, an enclosed design, is much safer. These have a net surrounding them. This net helps to keep the person jumping on the trampoline from falling off.


Badminton is a fantastic backyard sport. You set up a high net, about the height of volleyball net. The players use racquets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over the net. To someone who has never seen the game, you could best describe it as a cross between volleyball and tennis.

One reason it's a great backyard sport is because all you need is a net, racquets and the shuttlecock. Tennis, on the other hand, requires a good court. With badminton, it doesn't matter if your backyard is uneven, you can still set it up and play.

Badminton is a great exercise because your kids will be running back and forth. This is a great cardiovascular exercise. It also helps to improve hand eye coordination.

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