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Big Belly Blues? How To Keep Your Chin Up In The Third Trimester

There is practically no other time in your life where you will feel less attractive than your third trimester of pregnancy. That beautiful glow has turned into non-stop perspiration, you no longer have ankles and your lady-like glide has turned into a rather penguin-like waddle. You know it will all be over soon, but how do you get through the next few months without letting yourself get down in the dumps?

Fear not, there are a number of things you can do to make the next ninety days fly by:

Make Sure You Eat Healthy and Get Plenty of Rest

Sure, your doctor has been telling you this your entire pregnancy, but did you know your emotional health is also affected by the food you eat? Vitamin deficiencies of magnesium, folate and the omega acids, to name just a few, can play havoc with your brain's happy center. Make sure you read labels and follow the nutritional plan and guidelines provided by your doctor. If you don't have a plan, ask your physician for one.

Join an Online Support Group

There are many fabulous online groups where women due in the same month as you can post messages of encouragement and answer each other's questions. It is a place where you can share the gross stories and the sweet moments of pregnancy with women who know exactly what you are talking about. Many of these groups stay in touch for years after their children are born, providing a safe and supportive place to brag about your child's latest achievements or to vent about their latest behavioral issues.

Consider Pregnancy Counseling

Whether you are having fears about motherhood, are anxious about the birth, or are simply worried about your body's changes, a few sessions with a counselor can be life-changing. Talking to qualified professionals about the specific issues of pregnancy can go a long way to making you feel happier and more confident.

The nice thing about pregnancy counseling is that it often includes the father too, giving you both a place to express your fears and find out ways to make your life a little less stressful in time for the little one's arrival.

No matter what is getting you down, if you are having trouble shaking the blues, make sure to talk to someone about it. If not a counselor or support group, talk to your partner, your mother or your best friend. There is no need to keep worries and frustrations to yourself. Get it out and get on with readying yourself for your new bundle of joy.

To learn more, contact a company like Hope's Promise with any questions or concerns you have.

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