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4 Steps To Take After The Death Of Your Spouse

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The death of any loved one can be hard, but the death of a spouse can be especially tough. In most cases, spouses appoint each other to handle final arrangements with the funeral home, as well as to take care of important financial decisions. This can be very stressful, especially if you have never planned a funeral or settled an estate. If your spouse passes away before you do, take the following steps: Retrieve Important Final Documents While most spouses talk with each other about their final wishes, after your spouse dies it is important to consult his or her will or trust documents for specific instructions regarding his or her burial or cremation. If you do not have an official copy of the will or trust documents, contact your lawyer. Contact the Funeral Home Whether your spouse dies in the hospital due to illness or injury, or passes naturally at home, you will need to contact your preferred funeral home to arrange burial or cremation. Most funeral homes offer a wide variety of services, so they can also assist you in planning a viewing and arranging your spouse’s funeral. Many funeral homes have chapels on site where the funeral can be held, or the funeral home can arrange to transport your spouse to your church if you prefer that the services are performed there. Obtain the Death Certificate In most cases the funeral home that you work with will file for a death certificate, and you can then get certified copies from them. You will need copies of the death certificate for the life insurance company and Social Security Administration. You may also need a copy of the death certificate if you plan on selling the home that you and your spouse shared, or any other joint property that is in both of your names. It is a good idea to obtain several more death certificates than you think you need so you don’t have to order additional copies in the future.  Avoid Making Big Financial Decisions Immediately After Your Spouse’s Death Dealing with the death of a spouse is emotionally devastating, and it is in your best interest to give yourself time to mourn and grieve before making any big decisions. If you have collected a large life insurance settlement, or received other monetary death benefits, place those funds into an account until you feel like you are ready to talk to a financial professional who can help plan your future. For more information about funerals, contact a professional like Farone & Son...

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How To Get Your Kids Physically Active: Outdoor Games!

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It can be tough to get your kids to go outside and play. They have video games, television, and the Internet to keep them inside. However, playing outside is important because it provides exercise. It is unhealthy for your children to lead a sedentary life. Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes is rising among young children. This is related to diet and lifestyle. If you want your kids to go outside and play, you are going to have to offer them enticing outdoor games. They will have to want to put down the video games and turn of the Internet. Here are some really awesome ideas: Outdoor Basketball Hoop You can set this up in your backyard or driveway. There are two types. The first is freestanding. The base is either solid or hollow. If it’s hollow, you can fill it up with sand or water. The base supports a pole that has the basketball hoop. You can wheel these around the driveway. If you prefer a stationary hoop, you will need a surface to attach it to. Many people attach them to their garages; however, you could also attach it to a tree. Consult a company like Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory to find out more about these types of basketball hoops. A Trampoline A trampoline is a great way to get your kids exercising. It’s super fun, but it’s also good exercise. When you bounce around on a trampoline you are getting a cardiovascular workout. You’re also working out the muscles in your legs. There are two main types of trampolines. The first one is an open style. These can be risky if your kids decide to do big jumps and flips. The second type, an enclosed design, is much safer. These have a net surrounding them. This net helps to keep the person jumping on the trampoline from falling off. Badminton Badminton is a fantastic backyard sport. You set up a high net, about the height of volleyball net. The players use racquets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over the net. To someone who has never seen the game, you could best describe it as a cross between volleyball and tennis. One reason it’s a great backyard sport is because all you need is a net, racquets and the shuttlecock. Tennis, on the other hand, requires a good court. With badminton, it doesn’t matter if your backyard is uneven, you can still set it up and play. Badminton is a great exercise because your kids will be running back and forth. This is a great cardiovascular exercise. It also helps to improve hand eye...

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Big Belly Blues? How To Keep Your Chin Up In The Third Trimester

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There is practically no other time in your life where you will feel less attractive than your third trimester of pregnancy. That beautiful glow has turned into non-stop perspiration, you no longer have ankles and your lady-like glide has turned into a rather penguin-like waddle. You know it will all be over soon, but how do you get through the next few months without letting yourself get down in the dumps? Fear not, there are a number of things you can do to make the next ninety days fly by: Make Sure You Eat Healthy and Get Plenty of Rest Sure, your doctor has been telling you this your entire pregnancy, but did you know your emotional health is also affected by the food you eat? Vitamin deficiencies of magnesium, folate and the omega acids, to name just a few, can play havoc with your brain’s happy center. Make sure you read labels and follow the nutritional plan and guidelines provided by your doctor. If you don’t have a plan, ask your physician for one. Join an Online Support Group There are many fabulous online groups where women due in the same month as you can post messages of encouragement and answer each other’s questions. It is a place where you can share the gross stories and the sweet moments of pregnancy with women who know exactly what you are talking about. Many of these groups stay in touch for years after their children are born, providing a safe and supportive place to brag about your child’s latest achievements or to vent about their latest behavioral issues. Consider Pregnancy Counseling Whether you are having fears about motherhood, are anxious about the birth, or are simply worried about your body’s changes, a few sessions with a counselor can be life-changing. Talking to qualified professionals about the specific issues of pregnancy can go a long way to making you feel happier and more confident. The nice thing about pregnancy counseling is that it often includes the father too, giving you both a place to express your fears and find out ways to make your life a little less stressful in time for the little one’s arrival. No matter what is getting you down, if you are having trouble shaking the blues, make sure to talk to someone about it. If not a counselor or support group, talk to your partner, your mother or your best friend. There is no need to keep worries and frustrations to yourself. Get it out and get on with readying yourself for your new bundle of joy. To learn more, contact a company like Hope’s Promise with any questions or concerns you...

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Adoption: No Place For Secrets

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Adoption comes with many decisions. Will you adopt internationally or domestically? Are you open to special needs or disabilities? However, no question may be as important as your decision to raise your child with the ongoing knowledge that they are adopted. There is no doubt that children who grow up knowing they were adopted from the beginning are more secure in themselves and in their relationship with both their adopted and biological families.  No Secrets and No Fantasies Adopted children often wonder about their biological families and that is completely normal. As they grow, they may create elaborate fantasies about their biological parents. This may include stories of kidnapping, long lost royalty and other epic tales.  At the heart of this is the desire to know where they came from and the wonder of what their life would have been like if they had not been adopted.  Giving children age appropriate information from the beginning and access to connections with birth family (if safe) will remove many of these questions and create a positive dialogue of their beginnings and their adoption. You will want to give your child the truth about even the hardest topics (drugs, rape, teenage pregnancy, abandonment, criminal activity, etc.) in age appropriate snippets as they grow. This way there is no need for fantasies or unspoken questions. If you have an ongoing relationship with biological parents or family, enlist them in supporting how their story is shared and keeping to the truth. Knowing Themselves and Others When adoption is sprung upon an older child or adult, it causes them to question who they really are and wonder about their relationships with those around them. After all, in essence they will feel that they have been living a lie. A child who grows up knowing they were adopted remain secure in their relationship with you as their parents as they have no reason to doubt it. Secrets breed insecurity and distrust and can be detrimental to the ability to trust others and create loving secure relationships as adults.  Weaving the Truth When you live in the truth of adoption, it does not mean that you introduce your child as your adopted son or daughter it just means that you share with them the story of their arrival and background through stories and memories the same way you would talk about the birth of a baby. You can create a life book that tells their story and celebrates their life that can be private or shared with others as they grow. It doesn’t mean adoption colors your family or takes away from your place as parents, it simply means that you live without secrets and embrace the truth that your child had another family, another story…one that is valuable enough to celebrate. Talk to places like for more...

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Getting Your Daughter Ready For Prom On A Budget

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Many teenage girls who look forward to prom. As the parent of a teenage girl, it falls to you to do all you can to make their first prom the best you can afford, but that’s not always easy if you’re working within a tight budget. From the dress to the transportation, there are things you can do to help make your daughter feel special without maxing out your credit cards in the process. DIY Dress Making Rather than paying hundreds, if not thousands for a designer dress, with a little skill and the right supplies it’s possible to make a dress that looks name-brand. Craft stores, fabric stores, and even the internet are home to a host of easy-to-follow patterns, some with very simplified instructions that even a novice tailor can follow. Getting a head start will make all the difference and will allow you to find the fabric and other components at the lowest possible price. If you lack the time or skill to make the dress on your own, it’s also possible to hire a professional tailor to do the work. This is more costly than doing it yourself, but if you provide the design and fabric, you’ll only be paying for their time. A tailor or dressmaker averages around $14 per hour, but if you budget for $30, you’ll stand a better chance of finding the professional you’re after. For more information about prom dresses, contact or a similar website. DIY Driving No teenage girl wants to turn up at their prom in the family mini-van, but if you lack the finances to cover the cost of a limousine for the night, there are other options. The easiest of which is to split the cost with other parents whose children your daughter will be attending prom with. This can reduce the burden on any single household, while still allowing a group to arrive in style. If your daughter will be going with just her date, consider renting a town car for the night instead. Daily rental rates for luxury sedans are often far less than the hourly rate for limousines. Best of all, anyone with a valid license can drive it. Call around to different rental car companies in your area to find exact daily rates, and reserve the nicest car you can well ahead of prom night. Saving money on these two high-dollar areas of your daughter’s prom can make the entire ordeal a lot less daunting for you as a parent. Now all that’s left is convincing her that having mom or dad drive her to prom in a homemade dress won’t be the end of her high school social...

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